I just got rejected but I can’t get over her what do I do?

I try and try to move on but I just still think about her multiple times a day I try to like other girls but I can’t what do I do?


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  • Fuck her mum

    Always helps me when I break up with a girlfriend

    Seduce her mum have mind blowing sex cos she’s experienced and knows what to do and 100% you be over her daughter


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  • Okay I’m glad your proud of that.


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  • wel you cannot magically instantly be over it and move on
    it takes time and with time your feelings will change
    dont push ysf with other girls, just try to be as happy as you can be

    • Can I ask one more question why does the girl keep texting me saying sorry?

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    • Well it takes time, i think its best you keep distance

    • I can’t believe it somehow I don’t like her anymore😅 and now I like another girl the problem is I don’t know her and only have her added on Snapchat 😢

  • Do something interesting and even if that doesn't help. Let it be. Dont fight against the thoughts. Give it some time literally.

  • If she’s adamant she has no feelings then she has no feelings, it’s hurfull to hear

  • I suppose she has colored hair e. g. brown, blond (..) and colored eyes too.. Yeah hard to move on I understand..

    How ever if she had black hair and eyes it won't take you long!!


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