Dating... Should I or should I not?

So lemme set the scene for ya... I have been going through a divorce for 3 years now. She's just fighting over trivial crap, mostly the kids and... Go figure... Child support (to which I'm paying, but even though the law states how much I'm supposed to pay, she argues that isn't enough. I also adopted that child for honorable reasons and have 2 children of MY loins). She is my first and WAS my only lover. But not the same could be said about her. She cheated on me and had a baby outside our marriage. Then filed for divorce. Skip to today. It's been 3 years now. It's also been 5 years since I had sex. After what she did to me, all the years of abuse and lies I endured, I am simply moving on.

Now I am trying to get back in the dating scene. What is a woman's view on my situation? Knowing that I have no intentions on getting back with this woman. Is it OK for me to start dating again? Should it really matter that although I am legally separated yet still also legally married? I feel spiritually released from the bonds of the marriage. I am ready to date again. I want to have that special someone in my life that makes me happy.
Not to be a butthead, but I would appreciate more answers from those no younger than 24yo. And who have considerable dating experience and out of high school. Those of fellow divorcees or married to a divorcee would be nice as well. Thanks!


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  • It's hard to move on but trust me its worth it

    • Well, I feel like I have moved on. At first I was hurt. Now I'm not. I realize now she never really loved me. That hurt the most, but I got over it realizing someone will love me for who I am.

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