I LIKE THIS GUY AND HE KNOWS IT. BUT HE ONLY WANTS PHYSICAL.. this is killing me.. please help?

Okay so this guy I go to nursing school with is insanely cute. He’s a student/employee there. He found out I liked him and confronted me about it. Of course knowing myself I turned beet red and blubbering like an idiot spat out the “I’m really sorry” bs... another instructor was present when he did this... I go home and he hits my instagram and Facebook up. Messaging me saying he “hopes he didn’t embarrass me that badly” long story short we started to talk and he said I’m a nice young girl and said he only wants physical with me. He said that he’s a bad guy and he would ruin my life. Even though he told my instructor that I was beautiful and gorgeous. He told her he’s a “devil” At first I was going to sleep with him but then told him no because I didn’t want him to risk losing his job and I know myself well enough that it would destroy me. So now we just pass each other and make small talk. But it kills me. He stares at me all the time and I can’t help but stare back. We were alone in the elevator and the tension was literally eating away at me. Please help😔 we are both in our 20s.


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  • He will only ever want physical. Either do it or don't but commit to your choice either way. You can always just flirt and do nothing more. Flirting is fun especially when you know nothing with happen cause you can push it further

  • You are mixing up lust with love.

    Learn the difference or you will become sorely disappointed and bitter.

  • Tell him to that you'll only be with him if he would do the same to another dude.


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