Why does he look at me/Why do you like looking at a girl?

So when me and the guy I'm dating are cuddling in bed, I sometimes close my eyes/rest them and open them up to catch him looking at me (not in a scary creepy way) and it's happened several times on different occasions so I cracked a joke and said '''creep'' and he responded with '' I'm just looking at you because I like you''

Is he looking because he's admiring me? What is that exactly supposed to mean? Why do you like looking at a girl in that way?

Answers are appreciated :)


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  • I do the same with my fiancĂ©, I just think she's beautiful and I like looking at her.
    Basically it makes us feel good to look at something we find pretty.
    You should just be happy and enjoy it :D


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  • He likes you and he is enjoying your beauty and soaking it in. Enjoy this. That is such a sweet gesture


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  • It's hardwired into us. It releases endorphins when we see something we like

  • Men are very visual. Women are emotional.


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