Why aren’t girls interested in me?

So the other day I asked for a girls number , and she for some reason gave it to me even tho I know she wasn’t interested at all. I text her and see if she wants to go on a date and she said sure and all I said was alright let me know when you’re free and got nothing back (it’s been 3 days) , girls never check me out or even give second glances to me. They look at me for a brief second then look away like they made a mistake by looking at me so I guess why aren’t girls interested. I know someone is gonna say cause Your probably ugly but I at least take care of my self hygenically


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  • Your eyebrows, that’s why.


What Guys Said 1

  • The best advice my mom ever gave me was
    "Son, if you want to get girls, you should get female friends."

    Best advice ever. Have you tried trying to be a friend to the ladies? I mean, literally permanently putting aside romance, and just looking to involve women in your life. It'll help you out, I promise


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