Need help. Overthinking?

Ok guys so. I am 18 and my girlfriend is 17. We studied in the same school and thats how we met. We went to different colleges at the same city. We have been together for 3 years. she's pretty like really pretty. And well i guess i am a 7-8. So the thing is my juniors and some of my mutuals have a thing for her. Like a lot of people have had it a crush i guess. And she doesn't talk to any guys or anything. But these guys have been going and asking my friends or my mutuals if we are dating and when they get the answer they back off. Nobody has approached her or anything. The thing is i feel kinda bad. I guess that she deserves someone better. She loves me a lot and so do i. But isn't leaving someone so that they can find something better love? Please help


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  • Look dont degrade urself, if she loves you and you love her then thats all matters, your friends should respect that you two are together and if she not talking to other guys then you better keep her to urself because girls like that type are hard to get

    • Thanks. And my friends respect it too. Nobody has approached her because i have an elder brother who's kinda very fit. And they know i am dating her and asking something will turn into a fight or something. Anyways the thing is she turns down even if a guy wants to be friends and i do the same to girls. I just feel like she could do way better. And thats the truth. Cause if we are together she has to sacrifice a lot which she is ready for but i feel guilty.

    • Look bro, she choose you over others, she made sacrifices just to be with you, so don't waste her sacrifices by letting her go, + if u let her go maybe she will go the wrong way and another guy will play with her feelings. Besides if you really love her just try to work hard and be the best so u dont feel the guilt, treat her to food or take her somewhere nice, but the girl doesn't care about those, they jist care to be beside the person they love. So yea i have experiance so im telling you this from bro to bro

  • She has chosen YOU! Her heart wants YOU! Nothing else matters in this equation. How would abandoning her be helpful?

    • If i am not in her life. She can be happy with her family. Her career. Future. Religion.

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