Do girls consider a guy's height as an actual number or is it more how they feel?

Just to clarify. Lets say a girl is 5'3. And she says she says sheonly dates guys that are at least 6'0 tall, because she likes to feel small.
Now lets say she meets a guy thats 5'9 and very buff.
Obviously she's going to feel small next to him, because I dont care who you are. If you stand next to someone that is 6 inches taller, more massive and wider than you, you're gonna feel small.

So in this case, would she go by how she feels? Or would she think this guy is below my height requirement on paper and decline?


Most Helpful Girl

  • If someone has a set minimum height for people they would date, they're an idiot.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Most girls simply want a guy who's taller than her. If they wear heels, they might want a guy who's still taller when she's wearing heels. That's the main thing. She's not going to get out a damn tape measure and measure how tall you are to see if you fit her exact height requirement down to 0.1 of an inch.

    The only time numbers matter are on dating apps, where she can't meet you. She's just going to go off the number that she's set. If you're under that, she won't bother.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I really go based on their height in relation to me, but I have no exact requirement.


What Guys Said 1

  • Honestly all girls I've slept with have all said "the tall ass motherfucker"


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