Girls, Attention ladies who online date?

Just wondering what you look for in guys when you're deciding on whether or not to give a guy who just simply wants to get to know you more the time of day? Like what are some genuine things that will make you run for the hills if you see it in his profile. Be brutally honest.


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  • First off it is always his looks. It seems shallow but on a dating app you are not seeking friends but potential people to share a life with and share sex with.
    So I have to be attracted to him.
    After that I guess for me authenticity does the trick. Someone who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to say so.
    We also have to have some basic things in common so I guess if I see on his profile that he likes the same music I do, I definitely want to talk to him more.
    So it comes down to :
    -the picture he has and if I find him cute
    -the description he makes of himself
    - if in that description he lists some things I personally like to do too it is on!

    All in all it is pretty subjective!
    I once responded to a guy who I didn't find very attractive but had a description saying that where he lacks in looks he makes up for by being open, funny and attentive.
    I liked his honesty and ability to laugh at himself.

    • Thank you for the response! What if all of his interests/hobbies aren't listed or he just happens to not have any pics that are a little less than ideal eg. non photogenic but he's handsome in person. Would it really be the worse thing to just talk to him and see what happens?

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    • What about using the pre made questions or if there wasn't much in your profile to go off of in terms of striking up a conversation?

    • So if there was nothing at all in my profile?
      Was there a picture at least?
      Compliments go a long way. But try compliments that don't rely on beauty itself (ex: instead of saying something like "damn you are hot" try saying something that refers to a deeper compliment as well as her appearance like "you have a wonderful smile I bet you are really kind") ok all that sounds cheesy but you get the idea!
      Premade questions aren't bad also!
      I once responded really enthusiastically to a guy who asked me what song I would choose to listen to if I were stuck on an elevator for the rest of my life.
      I found it original.
      But that's just me and my love of music!

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