What age/age range do you think is the right time to have your first date?

In addition, any thoughts for these are greatly appreciated:

Should it lead into an actual relationship?
Best ways to ask someone out/how you would want someone to ask you out
What should you talk about during a first date.


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  • I think about 14 is minimum. There's nothing wrong with it leading to an actual relationship, whether or not it does depends on the person. Personally I would want someone to ask me out in person and already have it planned. Don't be like "hey will you go out with me? What do you wanna do?" Be like "Hey, I was hoping you would want to go to the movies with me tonight? Maybe at seven?" What to talk about depends on the person. Find out what their interests are, and hopefully there's one you guys agree on and you can converse that.


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  • 16-18 is ideal... i'm 19 and haven't been on a date yet... -=/


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