Is it true what they say?

Is it true what they say that when a guy has interest for a girl he will go out of his way to be in contact with her (may it be by texting or inviting her somewhere)? Is it 100% the case or for example if the guy is shy or just really busy with university he may not be that way?
Or again, even then, if he does not go out of his way to be in contact with the girl he simply isn't interested?


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  • I had a huge crush on a girl back in high school and I didn't always go out of my way to be in contact with her because I was so shy and quiet I worried whether she thought I was creepy or might think I was stalking her or something.

    So, I only worked up the courage to talk to her once during a class project and one other time after school.

    It might be that you need to take the initiative and speak to him first, so he knows you're interested.

    • I am. And I have done it more often than he has.
      That is why I am wondering if he is just polite or if he has a real interest.

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    • Thanks for trying and listening :)

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  • Negatory

    • Care to elaborate?

    • Well I am a male and this statement doesn't apply to me, also everyone's different so not everyone is going to do the same thing

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