Does he like me?

I moved to a new country and while I am trying to get used to the life here I made some friends. Through them I also met this other friend of theirs at dinner recently. He is so my type, cute, sweet and really social. We did start talking and while the time went by we found a lot of things in common and it was really fun talking with him. We were talking about something and he told me "oh I'll send it to you then! What is your (a messaging app they use) id?" and I gave it to him. We started talking the next day about various things and today he sent me a Selfie (the cutest Selfie in the world) making a funny face and dared me to do the same and I did. His sister's birthday is really soon and he asked me if I could help him go shopping for a gift and that if I help him, he'll treat me to a coffee or food


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  • Hard to tell. Some people just have a really flirty personality, but nothing you wrote sounds to me like he doesn't like you 😁 best of luck 🍀

  • Don't read thing so fast I learn that I got that from a lady I like maybe it best to let them take the lead, you already running fast but maybe they are scared inside


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