What’s your opinion on lazy people?

Are they dateable like people who consistently half ass their job and in general show no real progression in life and live off their parent for support


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  • lazy people and what u described r 2 different things but i think it's not about someone being dateable its just if u get along with them really well and find them attractive it shouldn't matter if thats what they do

    • No they go hand in hand cause if someone is lazy at work they are lazy outside of work which leads to them going nowhere in life

    • but most middle class people goto work work hard and then come home and be lazy have a beer make a easy dinner u know someone like this

    • Well I wouldn’t be classified as middle class but I know when I’m not at work I’m thinking about things to improve at work how I can improve my efficiency even more and when I’m not doing that I’m focusing on assignments so if I got a 98 on a paper I’m thinking about that 2%

  • Relatable. lol

  • Not dateable.


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