I am going to visit a girl I've had a crush on for years, but she used to go out with a good friend, is it ok to go out with her?

I've known this girl since I was a sophomore in college (about 7 years ago), me and my friend both met her at a party. We both got her number but he started talking about her a lot, so I backed off because he seemed really into her. They started going out and moved to different city after a couple years.

I ended up moving to a city nearby a couple years after that. A couple months after I moved they broke up. We tried to hang out a couple times, but it never worked out and I ended up seeing someone else, so I stopped contacting her. A year later and we started talking again and we are planning to meet up. I have not seen my friend from college (her ex) in about 4 years and we haven't spoken in two years, so we are pretty distant from each other, just one of those things. But it still feels weird to be trying to go on a date with her. A couple friends back home will likely be weirded out if we start anything. I don't know if anything will come from us hanging out. I just don't know if this crosses a line, especially since we used to be close but I haven't seen my friend in years.
Just to clarify, we were good friends in college, not anymore. I haven't seen or talked to him in years. So it's not like the friendship would be lost or ruined, since the friendship has been basically dead for years.


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  • I mean ask your friend. If yiu guys arnt that close, he shouldn't care. Ask what happened. Why it fell apart. Ask what your other friends think if you think it can ruin your relationship with them. But if they are you're friends, they should just accept it. I mean I don't see anything wrong with it. You'll never know what will happen if you never try. What if she's the one?

  • Talk to your friend first. Ask him why the relationship fell through. See if the reason discourages you from hanging out with her. if not, ask him if he would be cool if you ask his ex out on a date.

  • As a wise man once said " Do it! Just do it!"


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