If you are friends and severely attracted to each other, should you date or stop being friends?

for instance if only one if you is ready to date. what should the other do.

I've liked this guy a long time , we are very attracted but i can't tell if he's interested in dating. he was interested but i was not ready for anyone not just him. and we stayed friends, he sort of casually dated but broke up and always came back to me as a special person. i have never dated hed be the first and only person i liked.

he does not talk to other girls, and if one comes up to him he will look only at me, he shares things with me, stares all the time, smiles real big when he sees me -esp when he does not know im looking, tells me when he's free , gives me gifts he makes, competes for attention over other guys im not even into- even my gay friends, asks for advice... BUT when i ask him if he wants to hang out he gets fidgety and avoids answering.

i can't go on this way. i like him so much and i realize I've missed out on many people just thinking of him. i feel idiotic if he isn't actually interested. its not even im in a rush for action i just want to know IF there's a possibility. i think i will just ask if he's interested in dating. if he says no -i move o. is that too harsh? i just dk if i can be friends and not want him.

i avoided asking him on an actual date bc i thought itd ruin our friendship. but i think im wasting time... like we could date without dating. just hang out and let liking each other be enough. but, why can't we be friends and date. of we like each other, dating should not ruin that. if it does we prob just had lust or crush--right?
  • yeah if he's not ready and there's too much heat and you will miss out on other people who want you.
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  • naa its ok. if he's not ready, stay friends and date someone else.
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  • if he's not ready, stay friends and wait till he's ready.
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  • its been years and he was ready besides-- if he's not ready, move on.
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  • Sleep together and see, what is left.. May just, be built up sexual tension,

    • im a virgin, im not going to rush into sex.

      why would you go to sex without even trying to date? if we dont like each other romantically that would come through anyhow.

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    • thanks for your time :-)

    • No problem. Anytime. Good luck 😉

What Girls Said 1

  • Date


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