Frustrations in texting?

It happened to me just now (and several times in the past in other situations) that I'm texting a girl and I make a remark that she misinterprets in a weird way, which leaves me to try to explain, even when I feel that the idea I was attempting to convey isn't worth the effort (like a weak joke for example).

Might she think I'm weird, undesirable, or even autistic based on the misunderstood comment? It feels so awkward and angry at myself screwing up the conversation.



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  • Yea thats the cons of texting. We can't tell the tone of voice you say something in nor what u mean by it if you dont text it all out in full detail. I prefer talking on the phone


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  • Yeah, but these things happen early on in relationships and it can happen in mediums other than texting. This is just the nature of dating. Sometimes you say the wrong thing and boom, you just struck out as the amount of connective tissue that holds you two together is extremely thin and fragile in the early going. The good news is that you're 20 and there are nearly limitless women out there. If this one is a dead end, then you only have a few gazillion others to choose from.


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