No goodbye kiss?

Last night we had drinks with his housemates and we all got pretty drunk. I threw up, which is a good reason for not kissing me on the mouth, but when he dropped me off this morning he didn't kiss my cheek? I thought he was into me but now I'm second guessing myself, maybe he doesn't like me after all


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  • Hard to say. Long night, tired etc, probably didn't think about doing it. He's not your boyfriend? Don't worry. Perhaps he got turned off because you were drunk and threw up? I don't know. Just have to wait and see.

    • He's usually pretty sweet and even though we're only dating, he sometimes does that kind of stuff. I'm hoping its not that I turned him off, but it could be the reason. I'd like to ask him whether he wants to continue seeing me but I feel like I'll be pretty hurt if he says no; I dig him a lot

    • Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing. Just give it a little time and forget about it.

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  • Its not that he didn't like u, he might just remembered you threw up so he didn't kiss u, next time if u want to get kissed dont threw up i guess, it kinda turn off and smells bad, if i was in his place i wouldn't kiss u too

  • I guess everyone is different. Even if she threw up the night before, I would still kiss you on the mouth. Maybe he just forgot because he was tired. Sometimes, people might not feel like doing much in the morning because they're tired.

  • He probably don't want to make advance of u when u drunk. If he is a gentleman he doesn't do anything more then dropping u of if ur drunk


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