Mixed signals like I’ve never seen before?

I had been hooking up with this girl for about 2 months. We’ve banf a few times and when we chill sober she was all couple like holding hands and cuddling, she initiated all of it but wouldn’t go out with me. She’s terrible at being in contact and really bad at responding to text so she says but she’s always on social media and responds to that but takes forever to respond to text which seems shady. Sometimes we’ll have a full conversation and all of a sudden she stops and then won’t reapond for hours.
Either way I put all the effort in to make contact and she does minimum. I ask her to go out with us on the weekends and chill with us as a group cause she’s hometown friends with my roommates. When we go out she’s all over me and can’t leave my side but texting she’s distant.
Recently I just asked her out and she said yes. We went out had dinner and went to a comedy show. We came back to my place but she went home right when we got back (she lives close by) but she initiated the make out before she left and said she had a good time. Like 30 minutes later she texted me and said she had an amazing time and I said yea hanging just me and you is good and she agreed. I mentioned a second date later at night and she responded with a joke the next day but when she left the night before she said she would like to go out again when I said we should do this again.

She has 2 tickets to a theater show, she snapped them on her story, and hasn’t said anything to me about which I feel like she would want to invite me since she contacted me after the first date saying she had a great time and is willing for a second date. if I had just 2 ticks I’d bring the person im interested in.
am I over analyzing shit and she’s just bad at contacting me or is she playing me till something better comes along? she's told me she likes me and she's told me she wants nothing serious but why go on a date and try tobe like a couple with me if you don’t want to go pass hooking up.



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  • Move on sorry man that shit happened to me


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