Why is it that I get sad whenever I’m not with him?

Me and this guy have been hitting it off for about 4 months now, everything is going good, there’s a connection and everything, it’s actually amazing I never been happier before!!

but why do I get sad when I’m not with him? Is this normal? and when I am I’m with him I’m completely the happiest girl ever hehe


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  • My first guess is that you will have a very high score for Quality Time on the quiz at www.5lovelanguages.com A high score on that means that being together with him is what makes you feel most loved.

    I have a high score on that and I too am happiest when I'm with my SO. Relatively short periods of time away from her (e. g. when we're at work during the day) don't bother me but if we were apart for days I would really miss her.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with it unless you're talking about something extreme like that you get sad when you're apart for even an hour or two.

    How long apart does it take before you feel sad?

    • 1-2 days
      Your right it is a quality time love language. Thanks!

    • I think time apart is harder for those of us with high Quality Time scores. Do you feel a little better knowing why you feel like you do? It doesn't really help with missing him, but at least you know why.

      I really think understanding your own love languages and your partner's can be very helpful in knowing why you feel certain things and knowing what to do to make your partner happy.

      Does he communicate with you when you're apart? If not, maybe you could ask him to and see if that helps?

  • That's normal to feel this about someone you like don't worry


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