Am I wrong for kissing a guy who is casually seeing another girl?

Recently I've been going to a bar that one of my best friends frequents. As we started going there regularly we became friends with a lot of the staff working there. One girl who worked there and I became really good friends and started hanging out outside of there regularly. There is a guy who works at the bar that I started flirting with and one night we kissed. We agreed that we were going to go out together one night on a proper date. I'd previously heard that this guy had something casual going on with another girl that worked there but didn't think much of it. Today the girl I'm friends with from the bar texted me saying she told the girl about the kiss, and that she is incredibly upset and no longer talking to the guy. I texted the guy saying that I'd heard about the drama but its been a few hours and he hasn't replied. My concern is wanting to make sure that he is ok, should I text him again? Also, should I feel bad for kissing him even though he's single? And why would my friend deliberately cause drama like this?


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  • I can't say you were wrong. I am inclined to say that he probably misled his "something casual going on" g/f into thinking he was truly interested in her, like seriously interested in her.

    • Yeah, I have no idea of the details about them, that's between them. So that is a possibility. But my friend is making out that I'm in the wrong.

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  • Not cool on your friends behalf, sounds like they were more than a casual hookup. He’s probably not to happy the cat is out of the hat and it may be effecting his work environment.

    • Yeah definitely uncool that my friend did that. I told her it should have been him to break the news. And yep, definitely adds to workplace drama, but that bar had a lot of behind the scenes drama before this.

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    • Not sure what will happen. Do you think I should text him to see if he's alright? I'm still interested in him but don't want to pressure him

    • Well if you texted him a couple hours ago and he hasn’t responded I wouldn’t text him again, yet. I’d give it a little time.

  • If it was casual, no don't feel bad... she may have thought it was more, or he may have lied to you

  • Nope, the key word is casual

  • Nope


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