Men that date teen girls?

What do you think about men that date teen girls? It can be men that date teen girls anywhere in the world since some go to countries where it's more culturally or socially acceptable, or even if its not common its still not considered too odd because many of the girls even in Eastern Europe are looking for financial security and to start a family more than girls in the West that typically want fun.

For the guys answering the question, would you date and marry a teen girl? Assuming you knew you she was a virgin and you had parental consent to date the daughter, would you be willing to date and marry a teen girl that's an inexperienced virgin or would you think she was too young?

What would be your reaction if you read a news story where a guy in his late 20s or 30s married a 16 year old girl if one of the main reasons he wanted to date her was because she was a virgin?


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  • i have no issue with a legal adult in her teens being in a relationship with another adult older than her. but i have concerns about power imbalances and protecting the younger partner from abuse/manipulation by a more experienced partner.

    yes i would have a relationship with a legal teen, if she was emotionally mature enough that i didn't feel like i was fucking a child.


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