Have you ever gotten the chance to go out with a crush from the past?

I had a crush on this girl from the time I was like 12 until I was like 17 then we kind of drifted apart but last night we matched on tinder and because I'm not gross looking and weird anymore because I grew up and changed a lot we are going out tonight and I'm super excited. Has anyone else had the chance to go out with a crush from the past? How did it go for the rest of y'all?


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  • No, i haven't. I am a pathetic single.

    • Same, I'm going to be pathetic and single after this still, I mean I live in San Diego I'm just home visiting buffalo for a couple days, seeing my family. It still is nice to get the chance to get at least one date with the girl 14 year old me dreamed of going out with.

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    • Then, all the best for you;)

    • Good luck to you too buddy.

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