Im 24 a late bloomer and girls find me undateable and unattractive. how do I find my first girlfriend if no girl will give me a chance?

Girls do not find me attractive or dating material. Thing is I don’t know why? I’m always classed as the nice guy and if ever I find the right girl or one who seems to be the one she is either taken or drops me for the bad boy as I’m not interesting enough for her. I’m also a late bloomer no relationship or sexual experience with females and never had a relationship in school as no girl wanted a thing to do with me I tried and tried and got rejected by nearly ever girl in my grade. Yet all my friends had multiple relationships had loads of sex then bragged about it and made fun of me for still being a virgin. their girlfriend all humiliated me for it to saying I’d always be the one who was single and no girl would ever want me. Nothing I do seems to work I dress nice have a job good sense of humour and yet every time it comes to girls they either think im invisible or they take an instant dislike to me even if I haven’t opened my mouth they take one look and bam treat me like crap. Other guys have no problem getting girls swanning over them but none ever pay any interest in me ever. i could be god himself and girls would not even notice. I ask girls out to a simple lunch and they say maybe another day or I’ll let you know and leave me hanging never to respond. I’m starting to lose hope wondering if ever I will be good enough for any girls or if I will be alone forever while watching others have fun relationships while I sit alone wishing I had a girlfriend.


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  • Funny... could have sworn your age bracket said (30-35) not 24... maybe one reason is that you LIE!!! ever thought about that sir? afraid to show who you really are, hiding behind the anon filter...
    You seem unsure of yourself, so how do you expect people to know what they are dealing with, or should i say WHOM they are dealing with. And you know females... yapping about wanting to know the real you and all that shit.
    You are asking the girl out as as someone else... be yourself... show yourself... stop hiding behind what you think she or society wants to see. THEN someone will notice you, or take an interest.

    • That was a mistake I made when creating my account I am 24 I put in the wrong date when it asked for my birthdate

    • Thats what everyone I've ever called out says..."it was a mistake"... meaning you don't know your own birth date? or what? was it timing you?
      Here you go lying again. I build sites, you have a chance to review the shit before you hit "Submit"...
      Even if i were to let that go... what about hiding behind the anon filter... is that a mistake too?
      Dude, you need to crawl out of your shell, learn to show YOU. stop hiding, lying, then making more excuses and lies.

  • Not to sound like a dick but work your way into a shy girls life they tend to be like a puzzle waiting to be solved & most of the time they are worth the time.


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