Am I oblivious to the things around me?

Ok I have two separate occurrences so stay tuned! LOL

Everytime I go to the mall, we go as a family (4). So majority of the time instead of waiting outside of stores with my dad making small talk about news and other non significsnt bs. I always tag along with my mom and sister, being a young adult I have gotten out of the awkward stage of (Im a guy i dont go into girl stores). I just enjoy the company of my m and sister more that's all. I go with them, chat make funny stories and when they ask I give them my opinion on clothing.

So a few different stores we typically go to there are women about my age and always help ring up the merch. So a few times they have been kind (I'd say a little too kind, like odd) and they remember us (obvously). So over the past few weeks when we are in the car ride home they start saying that they could see these women kinda fancy me. Which I think its a bunch of BS, as I'm a skeptic. Question is Am I right?😆

Second question: A close friend who was a girl but didn't taln much about relationships, asked if I was single. When I mentioned "No" she asked why and listed some qualities girls like in a guy.

Odd thing was my best friend who is friends with this girl and I mentioned that when I came around from a work trip she seem excited to see me. She also gave a me a hug. This friend thinks that she likes me.

Am I oblivious or just refusing to listen to the facts?


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  • More like reading too much into it. Is it me or am i the only one that read "Im a guy, i don't go into girl stores"... hahahaha haaaaahahahahah... dude... thats the POINT of going INTO girl stores. omg... trying to sound grown and experienced.
    Darling, a real man, just does. I would have gone in on you but you said you enjoy the company of your mom and sis... just like a real man.. but never utter those words i mentioned above again.

    • Alright thanks for the pep talk I guess. Yeah looking back on it now it is odd.

    • i went into a lingerie shop with my girl once... yeah... it was awkward... but when she started trying some on... dude.. fuck what everyone else thought... i was gonna tear that ass up lol

      thanks for mh.

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