How do I calm my high strung mom down when my ex boyfriend "jokes around"?

Yesterday he texted me and asked why i did not come say hi to im while I was in his city and then said just kidding. he joked about getting together again too. personally I dont think he's joking but I have not put too much thought into it. my mom thinks he's an asshole and needs to stop jerking me around. how can I calm her down? she's single and all her advice has caused men in her life to run away.


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  • How about you? Do you want him back?

    • I mean yeah in a way but I have to work on my problem first. im not going to date for a year

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    • Your life, your choices. Not your mom's. Good luck out there.

    • thanks man :) you too

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  • You said ex boyfriend? Are you considering getting back together with him? Why’d you guys break up? Maybe actions he did in the past has lead her to believe he’s an asshole. If he hasn’t actually done anything and he’s always just joking I’d just tell her to relax. Even if he’s not, I wouldn’t worry too much. Guys can be assholes without even meaning to half the time.

    • If you get a feeling though all is good with him then don’t worry about what your mom says especially when she’s single! You don’t have to listen to her though and if she continues to bitch just talk with her and tell her how you don’t appreciate it or have any desire to take her advice. If you want to be with him though it’s not your mother’s business especially when she’s single like wow that’s ridiculous!!! Don’t let your mom control whatever you do though my mom can be very opinionated and very high strung as well I can relate very much to this! I just have learned to ignore her and not let her opinions affect mine.

    • @Samathoo can you follow my account I want to send you a private message ❤

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