I think this girl likes me, but I dont know how to ask her if she wants a relationship with me. Can you help me girs?

So i met this girl through a friend of mine, who actually wanted to date her. First, i had no intentions to date her because of my friend, we just talked when we met with our mutual friends, but after a while, we started talking on snapchat. I saw that she was kinda flirting with me, so i asked her if she is in a relationship with my friend, and she said that she is not, that they are just verry good friends.
We talked more and more, almoust every day, we even make a bet: who will dress better at a party.
At that party, she stayed only with me, we talked, we laughed, but we didn't kiss. The next day, she texted me and she said: So, i won the bet and as a reward, i want you to take me out someday. And i told her: Ok, but i want to take you on a date, not as friends. She said yes. After the date, i wanted to kiss her, and she let me. We dated 3 times by now, we are, i think, closer than before, and i dont know how to ask her if she wants a relationship or not. I wanna say that she has this strong attitude, but she is also kind.


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  • Just straight up ask her where things stand between you 2, then go from there. State your intentions clearly and give her the opportunity to do the same.


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