Do girls who are tall and very thin tend to date also very thin guys?

Or do you often see tall and thin girls also with guys that are tall, not thin but not fat, just on the bigger side? broad sholders, big hands, big feet, thick legs, etc?


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  • i can't say tall and thin girls tend to date thin guys but i think they tend to date tall guys like them.

    • Yeah, tall as well. But I wonder if tall and thin girls are only attracted to very thin guys as well as them, like with thin arms and legs, or are they often attracted as well to more heavy guys? not fat, I mean, but more thick guys

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    • But I thought really thin girls were only attracted to guys who are thin and fit, you know? Not THIN THIN, thin but fit, with some muscle. I wonder if they like as well men with more muscle, thick legs and thighs, broad sholders, big hands and feet, more on the thick side

    • I don't think like you. i have said my reasons before. are you a lesbian?

What Girls Said 2

  • I think everyone has a different type and what you like has very little to do with what you look like

    • what do you mean

    • Everyone likes what they like.. some people like their polar opposite while others seek someone similar to them self. Every one is different.

  • I am quite tall and thin and yes tbh I would date a taller guy that wasn’t fat

    • Not fat, I mean, taller guys that are more on the thick side, big hands and feet, broad sholders, etc but with a good body

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    • Know what I mean

    • It depends really on what the girl prefers. All girls have different types

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