Hopes for a relationship out of a risky friendship?

So four month ago i asked out a girl who was an old friend of mine (we are both 21), she said that in her passed relationship she very hurt and is not ready to start another. we lost touch after that. Four mouths passed and i thought that maybe enough time has passed, so i asked her out again, she said she is healing for that passed relationship and she doesn't think that she can develop a romantic relationship , but was really happy to hear from me and would want to get back in touch and meet. , I see my self falling for her if we keep meeting, witch will place me in an uncomfortable situation. so my question is, is it worth the shot that she will develop feelings for me? Or is it too risky for me?
Hopes for a relationship out of a risky friendship?


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  • If you really like her show her I Regret not showing my friend how I feel and it lead to a lot of confusion. Now we're not friends anymore. So show her kiss her live for the now and don't worry about the future.


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