Why did he ghost me?

So I've been seeing a guy for almost 4 months. We are both a bit older, I'm in my 30s and him his 40s, so we've been around the block.

Initially we agreed it was just about sex and we could see other people. It's been going great, super intense, amazing sex. Just great. Last weekend, I slept with someone else. He was really upset and bothered by it. He wouldn't speak to me to start with but after conceded that it bothered him loads and he was struggling to deal with how much it bothered him. That he has real feelings for me. So this week we've been really open and honest. It's been better than ever. I've realised I really like him too, I don't want it to be open. I want a proper relationship with this guy. So I asked him. He told me he doesn't want me to change how I behave on nights out and doesn't know if I could change- ie flirting or pulling other men. So I explained that I was gutted I hurt him and that I wanted to change for him as I've really fallen for him. He hasn't replied. He has read my message. Totally ghosted. I don't get it. Can anyone explain this one for me?


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  • Lack of trust? Has actually a family and went too far with you? Not certain what to do? Many, many options.

    • I'm annoyed because I wouldn't have gone down the emotional route had he not started it. I feel manipulated. Like he wanted me to fall for him as part of some ego power trip but then he doesn't actually want me.

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    • I actually think you might have just hit the nail on the head. We had performance issues the last time we were together. Then that weekend I slept with a 30 year stud. I hadn't even considered this being part of it. I'm closer to his daughters age than his.

      He has just finally replied, saying "let's see what happens"

    • He has a point - sometimes "wait and see what happens" is the only right thing to do. Good luck Ma'am.

  • Guys are stupid and we dont know what we are doing when it comes to women. Anything else we think its a breeze. Drop him before it gets worse, more dick out there that doesn't mind messing around.


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