Taking it Too Slow? Ready for 1st Kiss?

Me and my girlfriend have been together 4 about 7-8 months. We both are each others 1st boyfriend/girlfriend and don't wanna move too fast so we've been taking it slow. Things have been going great compared to when we 1st got together. Well the other day my friend saw me an her walking around together just the 2 of us and I'm guessing he hasn't seen us together like that before. Well later that day when it was me an him he says to me in his joking around way "I saw you an your girl together today. What was going on?" I told him nothing just spending time together. he said "You gonna kiss her today? or have you 2 kissed yet?"

I starting to think about it and noticed we haven't kissed yet.

I just wanna know I'm I moving too slow with her? Is she waiting on me to make the 1st move? I don't know if she's tried to hint me to kiss her yet.


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What Girls Said 1

  • she prob. is waiting for you to make the move... but whenever you get that moment with her don't be scared go for it! it took 6 months for my first boyfriend and I to kiss. but no matter what there is not such a thing as too slow, just when the time is right for you and her! good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah maybe try creating tension, touch, hugs, kiss if you are ready and she feels the same. Meet her half way if she wants to she will...