Is it ok to get him a Christmas present?

So I've been seeing a guy for nearly 4 months. We've acknowledged we both have feelings and have agreed it's more than just sex. But nothing official due to outside complications.

Is it weird to get him a im a Christmas present? Is that going to freak him out?

I've bought him a metal dog tag keyring with "More than a fuck! x" inscribed on it. And he runs marathons so some running healing salve stuff called "under the belt". I thought both were funny and flirty enough to not be too serious. Didn't cost much either.

And if its ok, how do I make sure he knows I genuinely don't want or expect anything back?


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  • Well the more than a fuck thing might be awkward for him to explain to family. But the salve stuff is funny

    • I don't expect him to put it in his keys lol. More of a keepsake

    • Oh well that makes more sense haha as a key thing then no. But yours makes sense

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