Bisexual boyfriend?

Can he say he is bisexual when he has only been with a man? Is he using me to pretend to his family he is straight because he's afraid to tell them he is gay? I have all of these doubts of my new boyfriend and I'm not sure how and if to trust him so early on


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  • If he's around the same age as you, he's still figuring himself out. Quit worrying about labels and just try to enjoy your time together.


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  • It does Sounds like you don't trust him much. Bisexual means both guys and gals. So you should be good. Give him the benefit of the doubt yo, if he really is gay then that's fine too, let him be comfortable and open up to it on his own terms. Heck just tell him why you're worried in a respectful way. Hopefully he can understand and reassure you thst he is in fact, bi.

  • Was in the same situation. But even if he's bi. Then he'd still find you attractive


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