Was he jealous?

So me and my crush have been "talking" After, he asked me out on a date and I canceled because something came up, he stopped being consistent. So, I reached out to him and we've been talking ever since. He's usually quick to reply and we've been on the phone a couple times. However, sometimes I feel like I'm the one putting in the most effort into making it work. The other day, he hadn't reached out to me all day. So, impulsively I put a message that I got from a guy on my snapchat story and the message was talking about how great the guy thought I was and how he wanted me to give him a chance. In my story, you could clearly see that I hadn't replied to any of the texts. So, after I post that on my story, he immediately watches it and says, " Just answer the dude lmao" and then I told him I wasn't going to answer and he asked me if I thought the guy was annoying and I said yea. Then, he asked who it was and I told him he didn't go to our school. I told him he went to another school and he said he had friends at that school and asked for his name. Do you think he was jealous? Since, then he's asked me to hang out again but we haven't agreed on a location. Does he have a right to be jealous if we're not dating? I've seen him taking to other girls and it upsets me but I don't think I have a right to confront him because we're not dating.


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  • Ye he was. Also if he is confident about himself and girls, it eould hurt his ego you liking someone else over him.


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