Girls, Why has her friends started looking at me?

So I noticed this hot girl at my university and EVERYTIME I would look at her she would look down when passing. So I tried to avoid looking at her but then one time I had to sit next to her and she kept listening in or looking at me if I walk around,. So I returned the look but again she just kind of looks back and away shyly and gives me an awkward smile to herself but I just ignored and continued working. But now in the lunch hall her friends always looking at me and she whispers to them whilst looking at me 🤔 I would try to ignore it but I'm just wondering why this happens?


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  • She seems like she's into you and that's probably why her friends are looking at you. They know she's into you and they're trying to make it obvious.

    • Or could it be she's told them I keep looking at her and they checking to see if I'm looking?

    • I doubt it, she seems like she's a little shy though...

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