Girl is not texting me back?

So i asked this girl out on a second date. She responds with "okay when" and then right after "maybe". I then tell her the day/time. She says "ok remind me saturday".

Its now Saturday. I texted her at 2:30 saying that i'll be there at 6. It is now going on 4:30 and she hasn't responded. Is she turning me down?


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  • I wouldn't jump into conclusions until you find out why she hasn't responded. There might've been a situation.

    • She has her phone glued to her. She knew that we were supposed to meet at 6:00.

    • What should i do? Go to her house anyways?

    • She might've known, but you don't know if she turned you down. Just ask her about it, but going to her house without her knowing? I don't know about that.

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