Emotional confusion?

There's a guy, anddddd there's also a girl. Both I'm interested in, but I think my feelings for the guy are just from thinking on the past. The girl isn't interested in me, but the guy has been holding out waiting for us to be a thing again. I'm not sure what I want, let alone how to share it. Any thoughts?


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  • It depends on what you want from the relationship. By the sounds of it you young just experiment not saying sleep around but find out what each person gives you emotionally and go from there

    • Probably the best idea. Both of them aren't great with heavy topics and I can't speak to them much, but I've always wanted that in a relationship. I guess I'm going to have to wait some time

    • Yeah dont rush these things let it flow naturally dont just be there to please others its about you

  • Stay single for a while.

    • I plan on it XD I just want to figure out what I'm feeling is the issue

    • Fair enough. Well this thing with the guy will probably pass and the thing with the girl will defiantly pass.

  • just do a three way relationship LAX

    • Honestly would be lovely XD just way to awkward for the both of them

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