How to make an awkward situation unawkward?

so this guy I have somewhat of a messy history with, he and I recently made out and and then when asked about it he preceded to say that he wants, "physical contact" of some sort and if something more turns out of it great and well go from there. but it wasn't like lets have sex right here right now type thing. I was very unsure about this and then we both agreed that we need to talk about this when we are sober (because we were crossfaded) so I tried to reach out to talk him but we were both pretty busy and then out of the blue before we even got a chance to talk he's like oh wait just kidding I don't want this anymore, and then I was shocked and confused anywho we have the same friends so again its kind of complicated and were all supposed to hangout tonight and we haven't spoken to each other since this happened and I want to try to make it better by hanging out with these people but I don't know if it will. So please help, I kind of want to try to talk to him again but I don't think its gonna work because he's very socially awkward and really can only tell me what he's thinking when were under the influence.


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  • How about he gets impaired and you do not. Let see how it goes... I'm betting for a good conversation. Good luck

  • My best guess try act like it didn't happen. See how the night plays out


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