Is this my crush or some fantasy?

I've noticed this guy in college for a while. He has hugged me twice but after we just stare at each other and walk past. He knows my friend, he's been wanting to ask my friend about me. He's scared. He's always staring all the time. I've wanted to get close to him and be his friend. After some times, I wasn't bothered. One day had a dream something was going to happen and it happened. We met up talked, added me on social media. We've been talking. Everytime we see each other, we have something to say and by the way he's bisexual.


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  • There's a fine line between love and lust. I see a 3 some in the future... But then again I suck at fortune telling.

    • I promise I won't lust after him...

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    • I dunno yet will keep you updated

    • we still talking then the other day, he was all touchy touchy

  • You should ask him to marry you. That should scare the bisexual right out of him.

    • Hahahahaha... He'll probably stop talking to me.

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