How do I put in effort?

I'm just some introverted weird guy who doesn't know how to put effort into getting into a relationship.. I know "Blah blah you're 15 just do school" I'm already doing it... I got hours left on the day to do other stuff you know... How do I actually start giving a fuck?


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  • Take small steps. Try to go out every once in a while. And it should get easier over time

    • How does it change my mindset of it being a "Waste of time"? I pretty much taight myself that it is a waste of time.. Which now backfired... Ugh... Brain u no work?

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    • Try signing up for a sport or some type of activity. It will help you get used to being around people more

    • Well I have no problem being around people who I dont really know, I just hard time putting any effort of getting togheter with a girl.

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  • Dude, you'll have plenty of time to waste on that later in life.

    • But well last year with my class before we all split and go to separate high schools next year...

    • You will always have an opportunity in the future. I know this is a cliche, but do your best in school first and if you want, make some friends with the girls in your class. If you meet a girl and become friends the relationship stuff comes naturally.

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