Is he using me to get over his ex?

I've been dating this guy for almost a month now and we were actually friends before we started going out. The problem that I'm having is constantly worrying about whether I'm a rebound because about a week or so before he confessed that he liked me, he broke up with his girlfriend due to her cheating on him in their LDR. He talks about his past and is open with me because he wants to be serious with me. He said awhile ago that he's over with what happened and that he doesn't let things get to him, but I'm concerned if that's normal. He says he's the type of person to get over things quickly and that he can emotionally detach.. is he lying? Is he just using me to get over his ex?
How can I stop myself from getting hurt and for this relationship to last?
Also we have been moving faster than normal. I gave him a blowjob, we cuddle, kiss, he touches me.. But his parents want to meet me and he is going to meet mine soon.


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  • Proceed slowly. No deep emotional involvement and no sex until you have answered this question for yourself.


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  • If he is anything like me he is defo hurt still other than that I couldnt say what he is thinking. Perhaps you represent the opposite of what his ex was and he is clinging to the stability that is you. All you can do is try to have an open communication with him and be honest. If he isn't being honest with you back you have your answer. Good luck

  • You're the rebound girl.. Could be a good thing. He's gonna marry you now since the ex ruined his life plan.

  • maybe he was using his ex to get over you


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