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Hiya! So i have been dating my boyfriend for a year and a couple of months. In a month I'm going to school closer to him ( this is a long distance relationship by they way and we have never met) tbh i dont care what people think about that part of our realtionship no more. But what i am asking is this if i know what i am doing is risky, am ok if we had broke up or if our relationship went down hill I would be ok with that. Dont get me wrong i would be sad but I wouldn't feel like how i would feel with my other ex, I would feel happy cause he was in my life. I would feel like I didn't waste my time or anything, i would feel greatful for the times we had. So what does that mean? Does that mean I truly love him?

P. s. yes I know my boyfriend is real and yes I have video chated before and yes we have met each others family and friends.


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  • No issues have him try to be with him as long as u can if anything goes wrong just leave it u luv him but not truly

    • What do u mean by truly love him?

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    • I followed u on here

    • Actually my X per level in this app is not allowing to send u a message so I asked u for outside option nothing more

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  • Yes it means you love him enough to let him go but just hang in there ok good luck with school


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