Do you think girls care about a guys perspective when it comes to going in dates?

I've been on dates where I felt like it was my sole responsibility to make sure we had a good night. Everything from choosing where to go and hoping she likes it, paying of course, keeping the flow of conversation going, etc.

This is mainly because girls themselves say they want the dude to "take charge" but even after all of that you may not get a second date then you have to repeat this process with another girl and hope for the best all over again.
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  • I'm always the one on my dates choosing the venue and planning, so when a guy finally steps up to the plate I will appreciate it very much.

    • That’s so interesting. For me it’s always felt like I was in the circus. I’m putting on a show for the girl and if she likes it she might ‘let’ me date her. If my show isn’t good enough she disappears from my life.

      If I found a girl who was willing to make fun plans I would probably just fall in love instantly.

    • @Arbalest you hit the nail on the head!

    • Haha well tell that to the guys I date.

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  • Guys always ask me what I want to do, I would love if a guy planned a date he really thought would be fun

  • Of course, if she takes herself seriously

  • They care


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