Guys, Pulling away or just sick?

I have been seeing this guy for a month and everything is going great! We have wonderful connection when we spend time together. He is, however, planning on maybe moving away in Feb... but we both just decided to continue to spend time together until then. We are both really busy with school and work so we only see each other during the weekend. For the past few weekends I have slept over at his place.

This Thursday when I first asked him out he thought about his schedule, then told me he is free on Saturday. But then Saturday comes around and around noon he told me that he is not feeling very well and wants to have lunch on Sunday instead.

Is he just losing interest and pulling away, using sickness as an excuse?


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  • If it was a one time thing, he probably was legitimately sick. If you try to make plans again, and he keeps coming up with excuses, then he's pulling away.


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  • Just ask him if he loves u


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