How slow should I go?

I'm 17, she's 16.

Im really into this girl, definitely because I am in awe by her beauty, both mentally and physically. I'm trying to get to know her and spend time, though the first time I really talked to her (after us meeting by a mutual friend) I dared to ask her why she doesn't date, and she said that she's not interested in a relationship at the moment. I've went bowling with her, a friend, my sister, and her boyfriend, and we had a lot of fun! We were goofing around by crouching and stupid stuff 😂 and she really was into it. My sister and her boyfriend suggested that she likes me because of that and other signals, such as volunteering to walk with me when going to the counter to tell them that our pins were stuck and smiling at me when my sister called me adorable out loud. She's very humorous and sweet, but I'm trying my best to take it slow and grow a closer relationship with such a delicate girl. 😊

Any tips for my progress is greatly appreciated!


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  • Continue to hang out with her. Maybe she's not ready for a relationship at the moment, but when she is... you'll probably be the first guy she'll think of. I can see how much you like her. You can tell her how humorous and sweet she is. Compliments are courteous and demonstrate a gentleman. If she loves puns, then you can make her laugh with each compliment you give. Here's one I like to use: "Having a wuff day? I'm here to make yours purrfect..." (she'll probably shake her head while laughing) "I know. It's unicorny, but just know that if you ever need anything I'm here for you."


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