Super frustrated with best friend what do I do?

. (Go to last paragraph for quick summary) My best friend (unofficially dating, it’s complicated), is a girl, and I have been very close. We’ve had sex a couple times and do everything together. Best friendship I’ve ever had and she seemed to agree, she was super lovey and yeah a little needy but I thought that was cute.
. However, she’s just changed. I’m up at school so I don’t see her every day. However I try to call a lot and I text every day. I drive down as often as I can to see her. I plan so many things special for her. I worked jobs so I could take her places. I make dinner for her and do anything to get her to smile.
. She barely texts. She’ll say she wants to hang out and agrees to my plans, but then gets busy with something else and never shows. She doesn’t seem to care. She used to be so happy to text to me but now I just get a couple words. I try to tell jokes but she ruins them with seriousness, and I know that’s a small thing but I miss her laugh. She doesn’t seem excited about literally anything.
. She refuses to talk about anything. I’ve asked if anything’s bothering her or if I’m doing something wrong. I try to get her to open up, which used to be so easy. She’s doing a lot of activities like choir and dance and theatre. She doesn’t seem to have much of a social life anymore, and she hasn’t mentioned anyone that she’s close to dating. Her Social media has become barren She refuses to be cheered up.
What do I do? I care so much, I can’t just walk away. I honestly cry quite a bit thinking about her. We used to have so much fun together.
. Basically: she seems to have changed. She doesn’t talk to me and doesn’t try to make plans. She does a lot of activities, so maybe that’s all? She used to be so lovey to me, but now she won’t open up. She won’t talk about anything bothering her. I’m getting incredibly mad. I’m as sweet as I can be. I’ve tried bringing this up to her but nothing. I don’t want to give up, how do I help her?


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  • Do you know if she's being like this with everyone, or only with you? She seems to be avoiding you for some reason.

    • She once said her relationship with her other friends had kinda gone downhill. Of course I don't know the truth to that, but seems probable

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