If she says things like that sounds fun. And is asking more bout my likes, be supportive does this imply anything?

if I was talking to her and lately most things I just nonchalantly mention and she says that sound like fun is this good? Also maybe if we don't do the exact plans but still make some plans in place of them? Also if she's asking about my job interview coming up and is taking interest In what I'm doing and is encouraging and says she'll let me know about getting together soon. Does any of this mean anything?


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  • Well she is taking interest in you, implying that she will make time for you guys, something along the lines of priority So, she might be interested and attracted to you.

    • Okay so we had plans tomorrow but ends up were both tight on $$ what now

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    • Update, so I texted her this morning. Made some non chalant talk when she messaged me this a. m. asked her if she was still going with her family today but said that she wasn't into going with them after all. I then got brave could tell she was upset and it was because her family was fighting. I then suggested that we go to a different Christmas event and so we met up this afternoon and went. She said multiple times she really liked what we did along the way and we both had fun. Told her I get paid Friday and would figure out our next outting and she was up for it once we have money. When we got back told her I had homework to do tonight and other things but she sat in my car for an hour and talked about various things and asked what I was doing for my holiday. After that hour I gave her a hug wished her a safe drive home and she texted me when she got home. What do you make of this, thoughts?

    • I feel she is into you. Hang out with her more, get her more engaged and then you are free to ask her out although it looks like she is invested. And also I see that you were the one that paid for everything, make sure just isn't into you for money, I know sounds like a shallow thought but give it a thought.

  • What do you think it means? What do you want it to mean?

    • Well I think she genuinely is interested to what level I don't know. I want to be her boyfriend at some point. What do you think?

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    • I just can’t wrap my head around “no kissing, some touching and sex often” I dont understand at all how that is even possible but everything else indicates she is interested in you, hopeful you get a job and wanted you to become more forward in pursuing a relationship. Just get on it.

    • Okay I will

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