Why aren't more girls honest about guys looks?

There are girls on here now that are being honest and saying, Im ugly so why can't more girls on here be honest with me and other guys and just admit the truth that me and guys like me are ugly? It is obvious that, I am ugly because, I have been rejected in real life and dating apps didn't work for me because the girls on there judge a guy based on looks, now if, I were actually attractive, I would have gotten matches and received responses to my messages. It is obvious that, I am ugly and destined to be alone because no girl will ever be attracted to me :( #Incel #Toougly #ForeverAlone #DieAVirgin


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  • You know that's bullshit, right? You can't assume that just because you think you're ugly everyone will agree. As cliché as it is, attractiveness is subjective. You need to stop pitying yourself so much. It's annoying.

    What comes to rejection, everyone gets rejected. You know why that is? Because it's not enough to just be attractive or just have a great personality. In order to find a good match for you, you need to be attractive to that person and vice versa, and you also need to click on a mental level. Human relationships are so complicated that you can't forsee whether you'll find a partner in the future. It only takes that one person that fits together with you. Until that you'll obviously be rejected.

    Finding a partner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Some people happen to have a few more needles there or a better eye for them. Some people pretend that the straw they found is a needle because they've given up on finding the actual thing but will notice later on that you can't sew with a piece of straw. What I'm trying to say with this ridiculous analogy is that your luck with relationships isn't up to just appearance or personality. Chemistry and relationships are complicated.

    You do, however, have a piss poor attitude that will affect your chances tremendously.

    • Thanks you are right, I need to stop acting like a moron lol

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    • Yeah but what if you are so ugly that you can't attract any girl?

    • I think every girl thinks, Im ugly and, I think that apps like Tinder, Okcupid, Bumble and Pof showed me, I was ugly because, I didn't get any matches or responses.

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  • I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

    1st : Looks matter for everyone, physical attraction is a big part of any relationship afterall, however it is not "All that matters".

    2nd : To call yourself ugly upon the judgement of the most artificial way of dating is shallow.
    Dating app are used by majority from artificial people, by that I mean people that'll put up an act and try to find the easiest prey to satisfy their needs.
    Naturally, when you have a well thought out description and intentionally and poetically write your messages in a way that sounds sofisticated, you push away the "Hunters".

    That said, nothing is lost there. You can't really count on artificial people to judge you on your appearance.

    As for real life rejection, happens to everyone.
    Without trying to throw myself some flowers, I've been called a 8/10 by a couple of women and friends, it doesn't stop other women from seeing me as a 1/10.
    Point being, because one person has a different view or preference doesn't mean she's a 100% correct.

    You'll also want to drop the self-pity act with all the hashtag and the self-shaming-to-oblivion.

    • All that said, lighten up man.
      You don't look bad, I'd say you're well around the average and you certainly have the power to make a loved one happy.

      But ain't nothing going to change or anyone going to be satisfied with a guy who shames himself on the internet for not getting an online date.

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    • What are good chatting apps?

    • That I wouldn't really be able to help you with, countries have different apps per state and all that.

      Something that works for me might be non-existent for you.

      Do some search around google, try some chatting rooms or just virtual chatting stuff, whatever picks your interest.

      Though once you find one, don't act stuck up.
      Be yourself and as friendly or insulting as you want but don't act like a robot trying to find a date, you're here to chat with random people after all.

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  • I don't think you are ugly so? 😕

  • You being ugly ( let's consider that since you're saying it but I'm not dissing you alright 😂) isn't the reason for you being single. Let's take my example , people do tell me that I'm attractive lol they get pretty shocked when I say I've not dated once in my life. Your appearance may play some partial role in dating but that's not the case when you have to choose a partner for life , someone who sees the real you Keeping aside the appearance will fall for you and love you for the person you are. So goodluck and well cheerup!!


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  • What´s the point of calling yourself ugly and complaining about it all day? Will it get you somewhere? Instead try and focus on the positives of your life, get a nice haircut and be more comfortable with yourself.

    • Its true because online dating didn't work for me and there are girls on here telling me that, I am too ugly for any girl to ever find attractive

    • thats all tru and you do get girls that will go with fat farts that are 80years old and fuck with them and give them blow job for $50 dollars in a hotel room why they do that dirty bitch what would there parents say about that then only want money for shoes and hand bags of old men pretty little sluts but mum and dad think butter would not melt in there mouths but it is fine when the fat old man comes in here mouth and all over her face filthy bitch

    • @BOUNTYGUY9 huh?

  • dont bother what any one says about you what does ugly even mean you are a normal guy and one day your girl will come along out of the blue you won't be single all your life there is a few girls intrested in you right now but they are to afraid to ask you out in case you turn them down as they dont now what you are thinking about them wait and see you will be snapped up very soon

  • I'm sorry kid, there are to many problems all swirled up in here to do much with this.
    I mean, you talk about on line dating apps, everyone knows these things are fake as fuck and beyond that, did you consider your profile and not just your picture. If you have a badly written profile, you won't get attention.
    In real life, how did you approach women. To pushy or demanding or self-entitled, they will shut you down. To wimpy or weak and you're shut down again.
    Yes, women take looks into account, everyone does but really, you need to step back and reassess the situation.

    • My profiles were detailed and, I put thought into my messages

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    • Dating apps are pretty much all about looks but looks do matter to a certain extent because a girl would have to be attracted to me

    • Hold on, let me make a secondary post to not bother the guy above.

  • You are very concerned with girls. Girl play games.

    • Im not anymore, Im giving up, Im involuntarily going to be an incel because, I am far too ugly to attract any girl

    • I want to have a family and kids but there is no point if you look like me :( , I might as well get a vasectomy at this point, it is never happening and, Im doomed to die alone as a loser and a virgin :(

  • because women are evil


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