Why did my date feel sketchy about my male friend?

Went on a first date with a gorgeous guy, during conversation I casually mentioned my male friend whilst talking about hobbies, I also talked about his girlfriend so my date knew he was taken and there was nothing between us but I sensed he was suspicious and didn't believe that it was just friendly... I could be Wong but that's the vibe I got... why? At my age surely we're mature enough to have friends of the opposite gender, or is that naive?


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  • Well most guys don't like it when there date starts talking about a male friend. It shows that the friend is on your mind when it's supposed to just be the two of you.

    • Hmmm I see. It only cropped up because I was talking about hobbies and things that my date might have in common.

    • That's perfectly fine. Just remember that there are ways to talk about stuff like that without bringing up anyone else.

    • Is it really that offensive? I'd like to get to know the people in his life.

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