Is my boyfriend not whipped to me because we don’t have sex?

He used to date a girl who he lost his virginity to. And he would always ditch his friends to hang with her. Now he hangs out with them instead of me. He says it’s cuz he realized he was an awful friend and doesn’t wanna do that to them again. But I have a feeling it’s were not fucking. He always says how much better I am and not a selfish bitch but I don't know.


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  • Well do you want to have sex? And just because he's being a better friend doesn't mean anything.

    • I do but have been waiting to be engaged first cuz have been in a lot relationships with cheating. Ya just seemed kinda convient

    • But by that logic he's probably finding it hard that you've had sex before but won't with him?
      Not really. As it was his first relationship which generally hits people harder

    • I’m a virgin lol. Ya that is true

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