I REALLY like this guy and could he like me back?

My friends older brother, I like him so much.
My bestfriend use to like him and she told his sister. She was all cool with it, but she ended up telling him and he didn’t like her back.
Recently him and I have started to talk more, make jokes with eachother, play sport together
I went to the beach with his family the other day with a couple other friends and we had a lot of fun. When we weren’t together, he would always look over at me when he did something cool or something stupid, it was so cute.
He’s also 2 years older than me, but I like him sooo much. I go to church with him, and started hanging out with his family more. His family love me, especially his sister ofc (I met him through her)
I think he might like me, I was the girl he talked to and spent more time with when I was at his house and at the beach. However I think my bestfriend is still into him. They don’t talk very often though.
What do I do? And could he like me back, from what I just explained?


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  • I would think he likes you. Tell his sister and get her to tell him but get her to pretend that she wasn't supposed to tell him. If you do this and he does like you he may be more likely to make the first move.


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