How to send poems to the girl you like?

I mean, you can't just send a poem which would clearly mean that you like her. So, how? Do I first talk about poems and then share some with her?
Need some help.


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  • What kind of relationship do you have? I mean if you are close enough you can just ask her and she how she reacts otherwise you should really think what you know about her and if she is the kind of person who would appreciate this gesture. Of course you can always send her the poem anonymously and give her some hints when you have a conversation with her afterwards, but just like I said before it all defends on how close you already are


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  • Ask her if she likes poems, if she does find some poems you like and read them together.


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  • She'll love reading your poems while being fucked by Chad.. It's like you want her to never fuck you. You're welcome!


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